SHA-256 Encryption Password Vault.
Windows Installer: VaultaSaur1105.exe    NullSoft Scriptable Install 3.0b1

  VaultASaur was designed without databases or cloud storage. It's a simple on-the-go SHA-256 Encryption system for quick and easy SECURE access to your private data. The program is dead simple to use, has no nagware, is totally FREE, is less than 10k in size, no messy databases and comes with a built in updater.

  • SHA-256 encryption.

  • Password hint.

  • Password or Pass-Phrase for login.

  • Unlimited Vault Sites.

  • Clipboard pasting of Username, Password and URL.

  • Super light weight and under 10k.

  • No nag screens, totally FREE.

  • No advertising, no cloud, just simple easy to use password protection.

  • Countdown Timer that automatically closes VaultASaur if you leave it open.

  • Clipboard is cleared on closing of application.

  • Opening of Browser for Vault Sites with proper URL.

  • Even if your Vault falls into the wrong hands - your password is not stored anywhere - your data is completely safe.